Unit Overview

In this unit students will read coming-of-age novels to examine the genre and develop their literary analytical skills. This unit focuses on character development and theme but also introduces and/or reviews other literary devices.

Key Terms

- This handout contains the vocabulary necessary to describe and discuss coming-of-age stories as well as etymologies for those terms.

All students will study these terms. In addition, book groups will pull words from their novels to study.

Culminating Assessment: Literary Analysis Exam

- The exam will be given on Tuesday, October 27.

Culminating Assessment: Theme Essay

Essay due at the end of class on Thursday, October 22.
- These handouts provide an overview of the essay assignment and a suggested outline.
- This is the rubric that I will use to evaluate your essay. You should use it as you work to evaluate yourself.
- Use this graphic organizer to plan the evidence you will use in the body of your essay.

Preparation for the Culminating Assessment

In preparation for the culminating assessment, students will complete the following assignments.

- Individually, students will use this notesheet to gather their thoughts about the coming-of-age novel they have read.
- In pairs or triads, students will compare their notes and construct a multimodal response to the novel. This handout explains how this formative assessment will be evaluated. The assignment must be completed by Wednesday, October 14.

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